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Kids living with Type 1 Diabetes can take no day off from pricking their finger to draw blood to test or from taking some form of insulin injection to keep them living a healthy life.  And that is everyday whether they are sick or sad, have an exam or a big game, whether it is Christmas or their birthday.

It will remain that way until there is a cure.  In watching the strength of the hundreds of kids having to endure this – it has inspired Karate Chops Diabetes to develop the No Day Off Challenge to raise money to help cure diabetes.

The challenge is simple, do something for 4 days straight – walk in the park, run, do push ups, paint, visit your grandmother – the skies the limit, make it challenging and make it fun.  Once completed, make a $20 donation to the “No Day Off” challenge, then pick 3 other people and you choose a challenge for them to take on 4 days.

However if you opt out or don’t complete the 4 days, make a $40 donation.  So have fun, be creative and remember this is all for a wonderful cause.

Are you Ready?

Here are some tips to successfully complete your challenge:
1) Each day that you complete a portion of your challenge, post it to social media
2) Use the "Buddy System" to text a friend each day to hold yourself accountable
3) Make it an interesting challenge or something you have always wanted to try
4) Continually remind those that you have challenged that they need to donate and challenge others.



Karate Chops Diabetes
Karate Chops Diabetes breaks through Diabetes Challenges  

The Academy of Martial Arts supports people living with diabetes through active and healthy lifestyle choices. We aim to inspire and support everyone living with diabetes. Hosted by AMA, Karate Chops Diabetes is also a significant fundraising effort committing $250,000 to JDRF in their quest to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) through funding the Canadian Clinical Trial Network.  


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