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"Diabetes fundraiser hopes to smash records"

For Chase Pelletier, 16, and Jackson Stewart, 10, martial arts is more than just a pastime.

Read more... http://www.bramptonguardian.com/community/article/1530418--diabetes-fundraiser-hopes-to-smash-records
Karate Chops Diabetes Rally Karate Chops Diabetes Rally
Snap Brampton

In preparation for a 12 hour Martial Arts Marathon taking place in November, The Academy of Martial Arts (AMA) in Brampton hosted a Karate Chops Diabetes Rally on May 27th. The AMA has been committed to helping the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and will not cease until they have raised an astounding $250, 000
Martial arts experts takes on diabetes

Martial arts experts takes on diabetes
CTV British Columbia

Ever since he was diagnosed with diabetes Chase Pelletier made sure it would never slow him down. He is a competitive go-kart racer and martial arts expert and has inspired youth around the country to face the challenges of type-1 diabetes. Chase talks about his current campaign and his quest to break a world record.
Watch the Video: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/martial-arts-experts-takes-on-diabetes-1.923640

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