2016 Virtual Race

Run To Type None – Virtual Race

November 12-14th, 2016
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On the weekend of November 12-14th, 2016 join Karate Chops Diabetes for The Run to Type None - Virtual Race to raise money for diabetes research.

What is a Virtual Race? Virtual Medal

Good question!  A virtual race is an event where you register to run like any other race except for this event, you can run any place you like and at any time you like over November 12th, 13th or 14th.  Once you have confirmed completion of your race through email and/or social media a custom designed race medal will be sent to you.  Here is a sample of our 2016 medal – the actual medal will be 3D and contoured

Details for The Run to Type None

To register for the race, click here or on the link below.  You can choose to do a 5km run or since World Diabetes Day is on November 14th (11-14) we are honouring the date by suggesting run options of 11km or 14km.  There are no price differences by distance, the choice is yours – we simply want you to help spread the word to create awareness and fundraising!

The Custom KCD Medal

Our one of a kind medals are designed to honour November 14th World Diabetes Day and the millions of people around the world struggling to live with diabetes every day.  The globe represents the fact that diabetes affects people from all backgrounds and cultures in every country around the world.  The blue circle around the earth is the international symbol for World Diabetes Day. The flame at the top of the medal is the Flame of Hope which burns in London, Ontario, Canada and will continue to do so until it is extinguished by the team that successfully cures diabetes.  The fist breaking through the board represents Karate Chops Diabetes ongoing commitment to Fight for the Cure!


How can we make the event a success?

·        Post your involvement in the Run to Type None Virtual Race throughout social media and challenge others to join. 

·        Develop your personal fundraising page here – create your fundraising page

·        Use social media to create and track your training schedule and fitness goals

·        Create a run group for race weekend and post your race day pictures

·        Show off your custom medal!

Karate Chops Diabetes
Breaks Through Diabetes Challenges

The Academy of Martial Arts supports people living with diabetes through active and healthy lifestyle choices. We aim to inspire and support everyone living with diabetes. Hosted by AMA, Karate Chops Diabetes is also a significant fundraising effort committing $250,000 to JDRF in their quest to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) through funding the Canadian Clinical Trial Network.  


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